16 de maio de 2013

Como reforçar a segurança da Active Directory ao estilo da Microsoft IT

A equipa Microsoft IT disponibilizou 2 novos documentos com algumas das melhores práticas para melhorar a segurança da Active Directory.

  • Securing Active Directory: An Overview of Best Practices - The threat of compromise to IT infrastructures from external attack is rapidly growing and evolving. The Active Directory environment is often the target for these attacks. This article details steps that your organization can take to protect its Active Directory environment
  • Best Practices for Securing Active Directory - This document contains recommendations to assist organizations in enhancing the security of their Active Directory installations. By implementing these recommendations, organizations will be able to identify and prioritize security activities, protect key segments of their organization’s computing infrastructure, and create controls that significantly decrease the likelihood of successful attacks against critical components of the IT environment. This document discusses the most common attacks against Active Directory and countermeasures to reduce the attack surface, and recommendations for recovery in the event of complete compromise.

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