22 de maio de 2009

Microsoft My Phone entra em Public Beta

my-phoneO serviço Microsoft My Phone, que disponibiliza salavaguarda e restauro de dados a partir de telefones Windows Mobile para a “nuvem”, entrou esta semana na fase de Public Beta.

Quer isto dizer que toda a gente pode agora usufruir dos serviços disponibilizados que, na minha opinião pessoal como utilizador regular, são bastante úteis e funcionam muito bem!

Ah, é verdade, este serviço é o resultado da aquisição pela Microsoft da empresa Portuguesa MobiComp.


Microsoft My Phone syncs information on your mobile phone to a storage space on a web site hosted by Microsoft. If your phone is lost or stolen, or if you upgrade to a new phone, you can easily restore the contacts, calendar appointments, photos, and other information that you stored on My Phone to a compatible new or replacement phone. Most phones that run the Windows Mobile 6 operating system are compatible with My Phone service.

Microsoft My Phone enables you to view and manage phone information by using a web browser. In your web account, you can add, edit, and delete contacts and calendar appointments, and the changes will appear on your phone the next time that you sync.

My Phone makes it easy to view photos on your computer that were taken with your camera phone. From your web account, you can save photos to your computer or can e-mail them to family and friends.

How much does the Microsoft My Phone service cost?
Microsoft does not charge a fee for the My Phone service at this time. But the data plan you have with your mobile operator may require you to pay data-transfer charges when you use the service. If you are unsure of your plan coverage, please contact your mobile operator.

How much data can I back up?
Your Microsoft My Phone account gives you 200 MB of free storage on the Microsoft My Phone web site. If a synchronization would result in exceeding this limit, you will receive an error message on your phone and your account on the My Phone web site will only include information received prior to reaching this limit. Any files in excess of this limit will not be saved.

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