9 de maio de 2009

Ferramentas para gerir ficheiros PST

A Microsoft acaba de publicar o seguinte artigo da Knowledge Base: Outlook Tools: description of sample tools for managing PST files in your Outlook Profile.

As seguintes 3 ferramentas são descritas no artigo:

  • Getpst.exe - The Getpst.exe tool allows you retrieve information about the existing services (PST files) in a given e-mail profile. It is possible to retrieve information about all ANSI PST files, all UNICODE PST files, or both file types.
  • Addpst.exe - The Addpst.exe tool allows you to add PST services (PST files) to a given e-mail profile. You can add either new or existing PST files to the profile. The file will be created at the specified file location. The PST file can be either in ANSI format (Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders File) or UNICODE format (Office Outlook Personal Folders File).
  • Delpst.exe - The Delpst.exe tool allows you remove services (PST files) from a given email profile. It is possible to remove all ANSI files, all UNICODE PST files, or all files of both types.

An Outlook personal folders file (.pst) is a file that is commonly used to store e-mail messages for Internet e-mail accounts (POP3/IMAP), for archiving e-mail messages from an Exchange mailbox, or for organizing e-mail messages using rules that move the messages based on some criteria. If you are managing users in a company environment you occasionally need to manage .pst files in users’ Outlook profiles. This includes, but is not limited to the following actions.

  • Add a new or existing .pst to the profile
  • Remove a .pst file from the profile
  • Retrieve information about .pst files in the profile

In order to help automate these three activities related to .pst files, sample tools are now available for download and use from the Microsoft Download site. This article provides information about these tools -- how to download them and how to use them on an Outlook client.

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