19 de outubro de 2006

Semana do Windows PowerShell

O site Microsoft TechNet vai dedicar uma semana à divulgação de webcasts sobre PowerShell. Aqui fica a lista:

And Now for Something Completely Different:
Introducing Windows PowerShell
You’ve probably heard by now about this new technology from Microsoft first called “Monad” and now officially named Windows PowerShell. What is this? Do I want to learn this? Do I have to learn this? Where do I get it? How does it work? Not to worry, the Scripting Guys are here to answer your questions. In this first of five Webcasts you’ll be introduced to Windows PowerShell and given an overview of how it works and what it’s all about.Monday November 6, 2006

One Cmdlet, Two Cmdlet, Three Cmdlet, Four:
An Introduction to Windows PowerShell Commands
"Doeth the Eagle mount up at thy commaund?" No, that’s not a typo; apparently, that's how the word command was spelled back in the 1700's. Boy, how things have changed: the word is now spelled Cmdlet, or at least it is if you're a Windows PowerShell user. In this webcast the Script Guys explore these new beasts known as Cmdlets, the heart and sound of Microsoft’s new command shell/scripting technology.Tuesday November 7, 2006

Objects, Objects Everywhere:
Working With Objects in Windows PowerShell
One of the coolest new features introduced by Windows PowerShell is the ability to work with objects directly from the command line. Although WSH scripters are somewhat familiar with the concept of objects, as a Windows PowerShell user you need to live and breath objects. In this webcast, the Scripting Guys explore all things object in Windows PowerShell. If you listen carefully and don't speak out during the presentation, they’ll even help you instantiate an itty-bitty .NET object for you to call your own.Wednesday November 8, 2006

New Kid on the Script Block:
Writing Scripts with Windows PowerShell
Yes, Windows PowerShell is a great tool for working at the command line; however, it’s an equally good tool for writing scripts. In day 4 of Windows PowerShell week, the Scripting Guys introduce you to the fine art of writing scripts with Windows PowerShell.Thursday November 9, 2006

Amazing But True:
Things You Never Dreamt You Could Do With Windows PowerShell
In this, this fifth and final Windows PowerShell Week webcast, you’ll see definitive proof that the Loch Ness monster exists; you’ll meet a man who was abducted by aliens; and you’ll hear from a real, live ghost. But that’s nothing: just wait until you see some of the incredible things that can be done with Windows PowerShell.Friday November 10, 2006

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