19 de outubro de 2006

Going 64-Bit with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Going 64-Bit with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 é um novo documento da colecção Microsoft IT Showcase, disponibilizado recentemente.

Almost two years prior to the Microsoft® Exchange Server product group's decision to support Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 on the 64-bit platform only, the Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT) group began to migrate from 32-bit to 64-bit server hardware. All server computers purchased for messaging purposes after the year 2004 are 64-bit systems and suitable for Exchange Server 2007. By running the new Exchange Server version on the 64-bit platform, Microsoft IT can keep pace with ever-increasing performance expectations, raise mailbox quotas by up to a factor of 10, lower storage costs, and eliminate tape backups to save an additional $5 million U.S. per year.

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