26 de dezembro de 2009



Uma vez que estamos em época de Natal, achei que gostariam de saber que têm estes 2 presentes à vossa espera:

  • First Look: Microsoft Office 2010 - For a limited time you can download this free e-book without stepping through any registration. First Look: Microsoft Office 2010, by Katherine Murray, offers 14 chapters of early content.
  • Windows PowerShell v.1 TFM - With the recent release of Windows PowerShell v.2 and the immanent publication of our well regarded Windows PowerShell v.2 TFM book by Don Jones and Jeff Hicks, SAPIEN is releasing our Windows PowerShell v.1 TFM eBook as a FREE download to the public. Even though this eBook is for version 1 of PowerShell, the book still contains loads of valuable information about PowerShell’s core workings and cmdlets.

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