29 de abril de 2009

Microsoft Office SP2 disponível para download!

O 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2) foi disponibilizado ontem, por isso despachem-se a fazer o download do ficheiro de 290MB!

The 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides customers with the latest updates to the 2007 Office suite (the products that are affected by this update are listed below). This download includes two types of fixes:

  • Previously unreleased fixes that were made specifically for this service pack.
    • In addition to general product fixes, this includes improvements in stability, performance, and security.
    • You can find out more information in Knowledge Base Article 953195, where product-specific changes are described.
  • All of the Public Updates, Security Updates, Cumulative Updates, and Hotfixes released through February 2009.

Before installing this service pack, you are strongly encouraged to read 953195, which describes some big improvements introduced by SP2, and also calls out some important information that you should be aware of before installing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you attempt to install this update and get a message saying that the update failed, please refer to Knowledge Base Article 968173. It describes a set of requirements and other issues that may cause the installation to fail, and gives instructions on how to fix them.
Install SP2 for Other Office Products
If you have other Office products installed, please be sure to update them as well. A full list of SP2 releases for Office products is available in the Knowledge Base Article
To Remove this Download
Service Pack 2 is the first service pack to support uninstall of client patches through both the command line and the use of the Microsoft Service Pack Uninstall Tool. The Service Pack Uninstall Tool is available as a separate download. For more information about this tool, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article

Mas para mim, e certamente para a maioria dos leitores deste blog, as novidades mais interessantes são as relacionadas com o Outlook. Aqui fica um resumo das melhorias introduzidas no Outlook, retirado do KB 953195:

Microsoft Office Outlook

  • Performance improvements that apply to the following general responsiveness areas:
    • Startup - Removes lengthy operations from initial startup.
    • Shutdown - Makes Outlook exit predictably despite pending activities.
    • Folder View and Switch - Improves view rendering and folder switching.
  • Calendar improvements
    Improves underlying data structures and the general reliability of calendar updates.
  • Data file checks
    Greatly reduces the number of scenarios in which you receive the following error message when you start Outlook: The data file 'file name' was not closed properly. This file is being checked for problems.
  • Search reliability
    Improves search reliability when you use SP2 with
    Windows Desktop Search 4.
  • Improvements to Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
    There are now fewer duplicated items.
  • Object Model improvements
    Now contains many customer-driven fixes.

For more information about these improvements and details about other Outlook fixes, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: Outlook 2007 improvements in the 2007 Microsoft Office suite Service Pack 2.

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