23 de abril de 2009

Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator v16.8

O Ross Smith IV anunciou no Microsoft Exchange Team Blog que a ferramenta Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator foi actualizada para a versão 16.8.

De acordo com a página de updates no blog You Had Me At EHLO, estas são as correcções/melhorias:

  • To aid you in your designs where you know this impact, we are introducing a new input field in the Mailbox and Client Configuration of the storage calculator.  The way this value is used is as follows: ((db reads + db writes) * Multiplication Factor) + (db reads + db writes) = new IOPS value.
  • The Disk Space and Requirements table was updated to remove confusion around space requirements vs. LUN requirements as they are two separate entities.  The space requirements fields simply state the space required for the Logs or database while LUN requirements fields include the content index capacity, the LUN free space requirement, restore/maintenance capacity (if restore LUN is disabled).
  • On the Storage Design tab, the Total Number of SCR Disks Required for the Single Mailbox Server row was updated to include the correct count of SCR disks when the source solution is CCR and the SCR target configuration is designed to match the source configuration.
  • 7.2K SAS disks were added to the Storage Design Disk Type field.  These disks provide 60 random IOPS at the controller when under a 4K/8K 1:1 read:write ratio with latency under 20ms with 80% capacity utilized (essentially they are about 20% faster than 7.2K SATA disks from a random I/O perspective).
  • The User Mailbox Configuration table on the Storage Requirements tab now exposes the calculated database cache / mailbox (which is based on the recommended memory configuration and is used in the I/O prediction formula calculations) as opposed to the desired database cache based on the message profile.
  • Updated various comment fields.

Para obter instruções detalhadas sobre a utilização da ferramenta, consultem Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator.

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