19 de janeiro de 2009

Vídeo sobre Exchange 14

Estou certo que, nesta altura, já todos terão lido sobre este video que faz o anúncio do Exchange 14, o nome de código da próxima versão do Microsoft Exchange Server. Mesmo assim, achei que devia blogar sobre o assunto :-)

I recently had the opportunity to meet with KC Lemson and Jim Lucey to talk about Exchange 14. Jim talked in depth about Exchange Labs and how we use that to do large scalability testing of Exchange - we currently host 3.5 Million mailboxes on Exchange Labs. Jim also gives a brief demo of the user experience, showing how you have access to your mail and calendar via Outlook, the browser, or your mobile phone.
This video is the first in a series covering what's new in Exchange 14, check back over the coming months to see what else is new in the product.

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