13 de agosto de 2008

Exchange 2003 Powerpack for PowerGUI

Esta dica obtive-a no site Pro-Exchange: o Exchange 2003 Powerpack for PowerGUI está disponível para download.

O autor desta fantástica ferramenta, Jonathan Medd, decidiu que já era tempo de poder administrar o Exchange Server 2003 com o PowerShell!

"Since I'm not lucky enough to work with Exchange 2007 yet and the fact that I seem to be able to use Powershell for pretty much everything else I need to do I decided to make a stab at an Exchange 2003 powerpack so that I could use Powershell easily to manage Exchange 2003."

Dmitry Sotnikov escreve:

"His powerpack for Exchange 2003 has 53 (!) different nodes/links/ actions exposing features ranging from mailbox and server management to address books and message queues.

And because this is a PowerGUI pack, you can see all the PowerShell code behind each and every item by just clicking the PowerShell Code tab, or even tweak the things a bit by going into the Properties."

Do que é que estão à espera?

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