5 de novembro de 2007

Documentos técnicos da IT Showcase

Exchange Server 2007 Deployment Checklist é um grande, grande documento que contém checklists de instalação de todos os server roles do Exchange Server 2007.

To drive excellence in server deployments, the Exchange Messaging team within the Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT) group relies on checklists to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out deployment tasks, minimize deployment risks, and save time.


Managing the Calendaring and Collaboration Process By Using Exchange Server 2007 Web Services descreve como a Microsoft utilizou os Exchange Server 2007 Web Services para criar uma solução integrada e automatizada de colaboração e comunicação.

Two distinct groups at Microsoft have the challenging task of scheduling thousands of people for speaking engagements or for job interviews each year. Understand how Microsoft used Exchange Server 2007 Web Services to automate a near real-time solution to create integrated communication and collaboration; one that can display multiple meetings and multiple presenters per meeting; within its own enterprise using an improved development toolset that offers better functionality than previously available from Microsoft.

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