19 de maio de 2007

Using Exchange 2007 for Unified Messaging and Fax

A Microsoft disponibilizou para download o podcast Using Exchange 2007 for Unified Messaging and Fax.

How can you best implement the Unified Messaging (UM) features of Exchange Server 2007? Microsoft IT uses the UM features of Exchange Server 2007 to integrate voice messaging with the internal e-mail messaging environment. This content will detail the technical implementation and deployment strategy for deploying Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging features in the Microsoft enterprise messaging environment as well as answer the following questions: What is Unified Messaging and why is it a compelling service offering for Microsoft employees? What are the typical features and functions that have been deployed? What design issues do my IT specialists need to be aware of when planning to integrate Exchange Server 2007 with an existing PBX infrastructure?

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