3 de maio de 2007

Novos documentos de Exchange 2007

A Microsoft disponibilizou alguma documentação técnica nova sobre o Exchange Server 2007:

  • Exchange Server 2007 Planning - This document provides guidance on planning for the supported Exchange 2007 organization models. Information is also provided to help plan for the use of Active Directory directory service and Exchange 2007 server roles. A planning checklist is included.
  • Configuring Permissions in Exchange Server 2007 - This document helps you to plan, implement, and manage the permissions model in your Exchange 2007 organization.
  • Management Interfaces in Exchange Server 2007 - This document discusses the features and functionality of the two management interfaces in Exchange Server 2007: the Exchange Management Console and the Exchange Management Shell.
  • Operations Management and Monitoring of an Exchange Server 2007 Organization - This document provides information, including checklists for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, related to operations management of an Exchange Server 2007 organization. In addition, guidance is provided for using Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Service Pack 1 to monitor an Exchange organization.
  • Technical Architecture of Exchange Server 2007 - This document discusses the technical architecture of Exchange Server 2007, including descriptions of server roles, topologies, and the transport architecture.
  • Managing Mailbox Features in Exchange Server 2007 - The purpose of this document is to help you manage and configure Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Mailbox servers. The information and procedures in this document focus specifically on the mailbox features of an Exchange 2007 computer that has the Mailbox server role installed.
  • Exchange Server 2007 White Paper - A white paper on Exchange Server 2007
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration White Paper - This document describes the Unified Communications and Collaboration platform from Microsoft and how Microsoft's approach to unified communications and collaboration delivers these capabilities for businesses of all sizes.

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