23 de fevereiro de 2007

Update for Exchange Server 2003 (KB 930241)

Está disponível um novo update para o Exchange Server 2003, que permite corrigir um problema com a Store que acontece em condições específicas. Mais informações no artigo da Knowledge Base: The Exchange 2003 database does not mount, and event IDs 9518 and 9519 are logged in the Application log.

After applying a version of Store.exe that is later than 06.05.7651.26 on a computer that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, the Exchange databases may fail to mount if the security descriptor of the database object has been modified to include a well-known user or group and more than one domain exists in the forest. This problem can also occur if a security identifier (SID) in the database object has conflicting values with another object in Active Directory directory service for one of the following attributes:

  • objectSID
  • msExchMasterAccountSid
  • SIDHistory
These three attributes must be unique within the forest.
In the above conditions the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service will experience an ecAmbiguousAlias error when enumerating the groups and users that are assigned permissions to the store databases objects in Active Directory. This error prevents the affected database from mounting.
This update will enable the database object to be mounted by ignoring the well-known group objects and logging an error message when two objects are returned for a single SID.

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