2 de julho de 2009

Antigen e Forefront para Exchange com SP2

A Microsoft acaba de disponibilizar novas actualizações dos seus produtos de segurança para o Exchange Server.

The service packs introduce technology that will notify customers of engine changes – including the addition or elimination of engines – and allow administrators to update their engine configurations without having to deploy any new product updates. This update allows customers to accommodate engine changes effortlessly, helping maintain the high level of security provided in the Forefront server security products.
As an example of Microsoft’s commitment to continual improvement of our malware detection leadership, we are investing in new antispam technology through a partnership with
Cloudmark that will provide an overall better antispam experience including higher detection rates, lower false positives, and improved submission and service experience. The Cloudmark engine is now included in latest service pack releases of Antigen for Exchange with Antigen Spam Manager 9.0 and Antigen for SMTP Gateways with Antigen Spam Manager 9.0 products as Beta while it undergoes customer trials.

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