18 de novembro de 2008

Vídeos do Tech·Ed EMEA IT Pro 2008

Agora que o Tech·Ed EMEA IT Professionals 2008 acabou, é tempo de rever algumas das grandes sessões deste evento. E as boas notícias é que algumas das sessões gravadas estão disponíveis online, mesmo para quem não se tenha inscrito no evento.

Existem algumas que eu gostaria de destacar:

  • ESE Internals (Ross Smith IV) - This session provides an in-depth look at the underlying storage technology that is used by Exchange Server. Learn about the changes made in Exchange 2007 SP1 that optimized the Extensible Storage Engine providing the necessary groundwork for enhancements that are coming in future versions of Exchange.
  • Windows Mobile as Secure as Blackberry - Are you Joking? (Jason Langridge) - Blackberry is currently seen as the gold standard of mobile security in the enterprise. Windows Mobile devices are as secure (if not even more so). This session covers the key concerns of Enterprise organizations when it comes to deploying Windows Mobile, and how to overcome them.
  • Managing Large Infrastructures with PowerShell v2 (Jeffrey Snover) - This session focuses on how to remotely administer both clients and servers throughout your enterprise, using PowerShell V2. Firstly, this session will cover the infrastructure requirements necessary to successfully use PowerShell V2. The session will then introduce and explain PowerShell scripts that solve real world administrative challenges on an enterprise scale.
  • PowerShell V2 - the next stage in the IT revolution (Jeffrey Snover) - PowerShell V1 delivered a radically simplified approach to the traditional problem of interactive Shell, Scripting and Admin GUIs. Come and learn how V2 makes it easier to create and debug your scripts with a graphical environment, write production quality scripts using script cmdlets, modules and transactions, manage large distributed environments using WSMAN, improved WMI support and the new Unified Code Execution Model, and write smaller simpler scripts through improvements to the language and new/improved cmdlets.

Não percam outras sessões e vídeos disponíveis no Tech·Ed EMEA TV.

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