28 de maio de 2008

Outlook 2007 demos

A Microsoft disponibilizou algumas demos de Outlook 2007. Passados estes meses desde que comecei a utilizar o Outlook 2007, ainda há tanto para aprender!

  • Work with SharePoint calendars: Multiple calendars giving you multiple headaches? Stop juggling back and forth and start seeing your calendars all together — in Outlook 2007. When you link your calendar from a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site to Outlook 2007, you can view and work with the SharePoint calendar right alongside your Outlook calendar. When you make changes in one calendar, the two calendars are synchronized automatically. You can overlay the calendars to make viewing your complete schedule even easier. You can download the demo here any time you like.
  • Stay on top of things with Outlook flags: Don't play catch-up — let Outlook flags help you keep up. Flags are colorful reminders for items you need to follow up on, whether tasks, messages, or contacts. Outlook 2007 offers several options for setting flags to complement the way you work. Flags can give you pop-up reminders and they also appear in the To-Do Bar, where you can easily see what actions you need to take each day. The demo shows you how to get started using flags and stay on top of your job. You can download the demo here any time you like.
  • Add creativity to your e-mail: You can make your e-mail messages stand out with a few touches from the tools in Outlook 2007. Go from plain white to exciting with eye-catching features like page colors and textures, shading styles, and shapes. You can apply WordArt styles like shadows or 3-D, as well as highlighting and font colors. While you experiment with various graphic effects, you'll see instant previews of your choices in the e-mail message. Watch the demo for quick tips on adding fresh looks to your e-mail! You can download the demo here any time you like.
  • 3 ways to share your Outlook Calendar with others: Sharing calendars can make it easier to collaborate with people both inside and outside your company. This demo shows you three ways that Outlook 2007 offers for sharing your calendar. If your company uses Microsoft Exchange Server, you can share your calendar within the organization by using that feature. You can also send a snapshot of your calendar in e-mail to people outside your company. And you can publish your calendar on the Microsoft Office Online Web site and restrict how much detail is shown and who can access it. You can download the demo here any time you like.
  • Take inches off your workspace with the updated Navigation Pane: Are you using the Outlook 2007 Navigation Pane as your communications launching pad — where you can get to your most important folders and views with just a click or two? This demo shows you how to change the size of the pane to free up more space, customize the buttons and icons so you see what you want first, and arrange the folders for your convenience. You'll also see how easily you can change the organization whenever you want. Watch the demo and see how to make the Navigation Pane work better for you. You can download the demo here any time you like.

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