27 de março de 2008

Precisa-se feedback: Exchange Shell Help

A minha lista de feeds não pára de aumentar! Recentemente, enquanto lia um dos meus sites preferidos de Exchange, Pro-Exchange, descobri mais um blog bastante interessante: David Strome's Blog.

O David é um Technical Writer na equipa de Exchange Server da Microsoft e está a pedir feedback sobre o Exchange Management Shell Help:

"As you know we're working on Exchange 14, the next version of Exchange Server. As part of that work we're taking a look at how we write content for all of the features of Exchange. I'm working on defining the guidelines for how we write the content for the Exchange Management Shell - what overview and procedural topics need to be written to what content we put into the individual cmdlet topics and how its displayed to you.

I'm really interested in what you think of the Exchange Management Shell help in Exchange Server 2007. What do you like about it? What do you, well, hate? Is it how it's displayed? Or are we missing something important that would make your life easier if we'd included it? Or did you discover something that just made things 'click' for you?

I want to know about it. Put together a wish list or list of things you love (or both!) and send them to me. I'll be taking your feedback and seeing how it can help us to improve the E14 product documentation."

Continua na fonte.

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