14 de setembro de 2007

Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications, 2007


Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications, 2007 é um estudo da Gartner que analisa os vários fabricantes nesta área e os organiza em quadrantes, de acordo com 2 vectores: visão e capacidade de execução. Mais uma vez a Microsoft é colocada no quadrante dos líderes.

Microsoft strengths:

  • Microsoft is a strong company with an ecosystem of partners that can deliver value-added products, professional services and wide distribution.
  • The company has strategic partnerships in specific areas, such as live voice, and IP and PBX add credibility in these technology and service areas.
  • Parts of Microsoft's UC portfolio are very mature (for instance, e-mail), and the overall portfolio is quite complete, with partnerships in weaker areas. The newer parts of the portfolio likely will get wide exposure throughout 2008 and will mature rapidly as a result.
  • An established base of desktop applications and experience in graphical user interface design will assist in making complex communication applications easier to use.
  • Enterprises looking into UC, particularly those with Microsoft applications already in place, should understand the Microsoft portfolio because it represents a new paradigm for communication by a market leader. Microsoft’s solution is comprehensive but is also the basis for a range of partner offerings.

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