2 de julho de 2007

Novos blogues

Adicionei recentemente 2 novos blogues da Microsoft à minha extensa lista de feeds.

Aqui ficam pequenos excertos dos respectivos posts de boas vindas:

  • Office Outlook Team Blog - Now that we’re working on our next release we’ve decided to create a team blog where we can talk about a wider range of topics. We look forward to having folks from all across the team posting about the tons of different features and functionality in Outlook. For now, we’ll be communicating mostly about the current release, Outlook 2007. When the time is right, we’ll begin to transition to discussing details of the next release of Office and Outlook so you can learn more about what will be coming in the future.
  • Forefront Server Security Blog - Hello all and welcome to the new blog for the Microsoft Forefront Server Security products. Many of you may be familiar with and/or running our products under one of our previous handles. Whether you are a long-time Sybari Antigen user, a recent Microsoft Antigen user, or a brand new user of Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server 2007 and/or SharePoint 2007, this is the place for you to get information straight from the team that delivers the product line to you.

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