29 de março de 2007

Realtime Nexus eBooks

A Realtime Nexus é uma editora de livros online que disponibiliza as suas publicações mediante um registo grátis. Há já algum tempo que eu acompanho as publicações disponibilizadas e devo dizer que a qualidade é sempre de alto nível.
Decidi reunir aqui os links para os eBooks relevantes sobre o tema Messaging. Tal como vos disse, o download é gratuito, sendo apenas necessário um registo grátis.

  • The Administrator Shortcut Guide to Blocking Spam with Sender Validation (Alan Sugano) - Written by notable computing expert Alan Sugano, this guide will familiarize you with Sender Validation and how it compares with other anti-spam solutions (blacklists, key word filters, Heuristics and Bayesian filtering, etcetera). Since there are many different Sender Validation solutions to choose from, Alan will also help you discover what to look when choosing the right system for your business.
  • The Administrator Shortcut Guide to Email Protection (Paul Robichaux) - The Administrator Shortcut Guide to Email Protection will give you critical, need-to-know information to help you properly protect your corporate messaging system from a wide variety of external and internal security threats. Although the book focuses on Microsoft Exchange-based enterprises, the concepts, principles, and methodologies presented within are universally applicable to virtually all messaging platforms.
  • The Definitive Guide to Controlling Malware, Spyware, Phishing, and Spam (Dan Sullivan) - The Internet is home to malicious programs that can steal, destroy, and make data inaccessible; spyware that ignores social conventions of privacy to track Internet users' activities online; phishing scams that bring the art of the con artist to new threatening levels; and spam, the inevitable electronic counterpart to direct mail that requires so little investment even miniscule response rates justify its use. This guide explores some of the most pressing threats to businesses and organizations from the Internet along with best practices for addressing them.
  • The Definitive Guide to Exchange Disaster Recovery and Availability (Paul Robichaux) - Understanding Exchange disaster recovery can take a while. The first step, naturally enough, is to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Exchange protection. Later chapters of this guide will describe the specific technologies you can use to improve the availability and recoverability of your messaging system and its related business services; first, though, we have to start with an explanation of the causes of downtime, the general classes of availability and protection technology, and ways to assess your Exchange environment to determine the most effective methods for you to better protect your Exchange infrastructure.
  • The Messaging and Web Security Essentials Series (Dan Sullivan) - The Messaging and Web Security Essentials Series is an online article series focused on helping security professionals address the ongoing task of keeping an organization secure from the multitude of online and messaging threats.
  • The Shortcut Guide to Exchange Server 2007 Storage Systems (Jim McBee) - The conventional way of planning for Exchange Server storage is to throw a lot of disk storage at the server and hope that is sufficient. Mail storage requirements continue to grow for even average users; these users place more and more capacity requirements not only on disk storage but also on disk I/O capacity. As current capacity requirements are exceeded, the storage system must provide scalability. The Shortcut Guide to Exchange Server 2007 Storage Systems, authored by Microsoft Exchange MVP Jim McBee, covers Exchange Server storage capacity requirement planning, the basics of using iSCSI SANs, and best practices for scalability and SAN operations.
  • The Tips and Tricks Guide to Secure Messaging (Jim McBee) - Threats against email systems have evolved to the point that protecting users, mail servers and bandwidth is no longer as simple as installing antivirus software. By some estimates, spam, phishing schemes, viruses, and other unwanted content now make up 70% of all email traffic into an organization's mail servers. The Tips and Tricks Guide to Secure Messaging by messaging expert Jim McBee introduces IT managers and messaging system administrators to the evolving threat landscape, emerging technologies for data protection, and best practices for protecting users, messaging system resources, and organizational data.

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